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Full membership without limitation is available to owners of mixed-breed dogs provided the dog has been spayed/neutered. This membership allows access to the obedience programs, automatic inclusion in the obedience and agility national ranking systems, and automatic eligibility for annual awards. Your accomplishments will be recognized in AMBOR Highlights (AMBOR's newsletter) and on the website. This membership also makes you automatically eligible for any obedience or agility national championships that AMBOR may hold in the future. Any dog which has been registered with AKC as a purebred is considered by AMBOR to be a purebred and must resign their AMBOR registration.  This does not apply to mixed breeds registered with AKC as a mixed breed in their mixed breed program.

Wolf-hybrids are ineligible for membership.


All forms may be downloaded and printed from the website. Click here for the forms page, which explains what forms should be used depending on your dog, and contains links for all forms.


Membership fees are $20 per year for an individual and $30 per year for family. Junior Handler under the age of 18 are eligible for a reduced membership fees of only $10 per year.  There is no dog registration fee for dogs but they must be enrolled in AMBOR.  The AMBOR Highlights newsletter is published quarterly and the online version is included in your membership fees.  If you require a hard copy be mailed to you then there will be an additional fee of $10 per year to cover printing and mailing costs.  If you are not a member of AMBOR but would like to subscribe to AMBOR Highlights then the fees will be $10 for the online version and $20 for the hard copy version.

Titles & Awards Offered

There are two formal venues in which you can show your mixed breed dog. The first is the United Kennel Club (UKC). You must be registered with the UKC to show at their events. The second is the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) shows. You must be registered with ASCA to earn an ASCA title. These are the 2 preferred ways for members to earn obedience titles, as they are held at actual trials. However, an AMBOR member may choose to earn an AMBOR obedience title by using score sheets at qualifying fun matches held by local training clubs provided certain criteria is met.
Obedience Titles Available.

We offer AMBOR Rally titles earned at AKC fun matches.

We also offer AMBOR tracking titles.
AMBOR Tracking Titles

We are currently discussing the AMBOR versatility titling program.

Check back for updates on the program.

Junior Handlers

Junior handlers under the age of 18 may become members at a reduced fee of $10. An annual award in obedience is offered for the highest scoring junior in the country.

Physical Alteration

The spay/neuter form asks for verification from your vet that the dog is physically altered or documented proof. Spay/neutering for mixed-breeds is required without exception. No dogs considered blind or with a lame handicap or otherwise rated as unsound may be registered.

AMBOR does not advocate the breeding of mixed-breed dogs, cross-breeding of purebred dogs or conformation showing of mixed-breed animals. AMBOR does not maintain a list of mixed-breed breeders and has no such information available.

Membership FAQs

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