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Four steps for creating a home movie theater

The big screen and loud noise make movie theaters memorable. When you add the snacks and the comfortable chairs, the memory becomes magically. You can watch a boring music video in a movie theater, and it will turn out great. You can listen to all the small sounds of background actors and be part of the pin-drop silence that makes suspense moments so intense. The best of it all is that you could have a movie theater at home. Here is a brief guide for you to follow when creating a home movie theater.

Creating a movie theater at home

Find an unused roomsdvasvasvasdvsdvasdvasdvasdvsadv

You can remodel your house to include a movie theater. You need a room that will act as the theater. It might be your study, your roof bedroom, or the guest room. Any room that has sufficient space to fit a screen and chairs at a fair distance apart will be okay. You want your room to serve only as a theater. At best, you can turn it into a TV room. The key is to make it only for watching and listening to video and sound.

Pad the walls and other openings

The “pin-drop-silence” experience comes when you cannot get any sound from outside into the room. Pad the walls with a poor sound conductor such as foam. Remember to seal windows and use an air conditioner. Talk to your technician to find you an affordable and reliable type of form that will be suitable for your needs.

Stock your media library

The best way to have the best home theater is to have a media library. Come up with a system to organize your library to make it easy for those that are trying to access the media. For instance, you could have a shelve or partition of the top 100 films 2009, depending on whether your library is digital or traditional. Invest well in your media library, because it is going to be the heart of your entertainment system.

Invest in multiple speaker systems

The sound experience will be as great as that of a real movie theater when you have many speakers in all direction. Keep in mind that a real Dolby Surround system will have almost 16 different speaker channels. You might not have to create so many channels. A 5.1 speaker system will be okay. Make sure that each channel has a sufficient number of speakers, well positioned in the room.

Get a reliable high definition large TV

The best part of the theater is the big screen. Do not cut corners on this one or else your mission on creating a home movie theater might fail. The big screen makes things in the film appear real. If you have additional money, you may go for a 3D TV so that you could use 3D glasses to experience an immersive movie. Otherwise, focus on getting a high-resolution TV that is big enough for the room.

Get comfortable chairs

You can use comfortable single sofas for the movie theater at home. If you have any other choice of chairs, make sure they are deep and well cushioned.

Raise seats accordingly

sadvkasndlkvnaslkdnvlasndlvknskadnvlksandlvknasdvasdIf you are going to have more than one row, remember to raise the subsequent rows after the first row of chairs. You want the rest of the movie watchers to enjoy as much as the people on the front row do.


The choices for building a home movie theater are many. You can take it as a do-it-yourself project, or you may invite a specialized company to do the work for you in a professional manner. You will still need this knowledge because you will act as the project coordinator, irrespective of the choice you choose.