American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration

There are three ways to earn tracking titles on mixed breed dogs.

AMBOR tracking title

For an AMBOR dog to obtain a title they need to make arrangements with an AKC judge to test their dog on a blind track (a track that is unknown to the handler) in accordance with AKC rules.  AMBOR does not require that the dog be certified before being tested and only one judge is necessary.   If you go to the AKC website under events you can find a list of judges.  You can start with selecting judges who live closest to you and write them a polite letter inquiring if they would be willing to test a mixed breed dog for his TD title. You can then arrange with the judge to test your dog.  Basically you are hiring an AKC judge to be the judge at a non-AKC tracking trial in which your dog may be the only participate.  For the AKC judge this will be similar to doing the certification test for an AKC dog.  You will need to obtain an AMBOR Tracking form which the judge will need to complete and which you will send in to AMBOR.  Forms are currently available upon request by writing AMBOR.  You should also obtain a copy of the tracking map that has been signed by the judge and send in a copy of this map to AMBOR.

 The Canadian Kennel Club has a tracking program similar to the AKC.  AMBOR will also award tracking titles earned under CKC judges. CKC does have a UTD (Urban Tracking Dog) title which is not currently available under the AKC program but is acceptable to AMBOR.


Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)

 All dogs (including mix breeds) can obtain a tracking number from ASCA to enter ASCA tracking trails.  This tracking number is for tracking scores obtained at all ASCA events and is not limited to Tracking Trials.  ASCA tracking rules are nearly identical to AKC tracking rules and are available on line.  In this case you are entering your dog in a sanctioned trial.

To enter an ASCA Tracking Trial for your dog’s TD you will need to have your dog certified by an ASCA judge the same as the AKC requires AKC dogs to certify prior to entering an AKC tracking trial to test for a TD.    The number of dogs entered in tracking trials often exceeds the number of slots available and which dogs are selected from the entries submitted is done by lottery draw.  Non-titled registered Australian Shepherds have priority in the draw. If you get into the trial and pass the test, ASCA will issue your dog a TD title. Dogs that do not get into the trail are listed as alternates in case one of the dogs selected drops out.  If you are the first alternate dog you need to plan to attend the tracking trial with your dogs in case one of the selected dogs cancels at the last moment.  Judges are limited in the number of dogs they can test during a tracking trial so if the alternate track is not used during the course of the trial the judges cannot test another dog and have it count toward an ASCA tracking title.


United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USA) or DVG (both are Schutzhund organizations) 

Schutzhund is a sport originally designed to test German Shepherd Dogs for breeding but both USA and DVG follow a philosophy that says if a dog can do the work, then that dog can compete irregardless of breed or mix breed status. The actual Schutzhund titles SCH1, 2 or 3 require dogs to pass test in obedience, tracking and protection all in the same day but both USA and DVG allow dogs to test for just one phase.  The tracking titles they offer are the TR1, 2, 3, FH1 and FH2.  The TR 1, 2 and 3 correspond to the tracking test required for Sch 1, 2 and 3 titles.  The FH is an advanced title similar to an AKC TDX.  The FH2 is advanced beyond the FH1. Before your dog can obtain any other title in schutzhund he must pass the Beigleithund (BH) test.  This is a temperament and obedience test and is designed to weed out dogs of unstable disposition before they are allowed to continue any further in the sport.  Schutzhund tracking is different from AKC or ASCA tracking in that the dogs are trained to follow the track with great precision and are scored on this ability.  Whereas AKC and ASCA tracking is graded as pass/fail only, schutzhund tracks are scored with 70 being passing and 100 being a perfect track.  For anyone wishing to track in DVG or USA you need to join the organization and obtain a DVG or USA scorebook.  There are a number of schutzhund clubs throughout the country. If you are interested in schutzhund tracking, AMBOR suggests you contact clubs in your area and discuss your goals with  them.  Schutzhund BH and tracking rules can be found on line on the DVG schutzhund website or can be purchased from USA Schutzhund.  A list of clubs with either organization can be found on line.  DVG and USA will both accept each other's  score books at their events.

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